The Trio, LOS TRES GRANDES was the inevitable result of collaboration,  living together and above all the shared work they generated over the 12 years of working together for the Bimbache openART festival on the island of El Hierro. Since August 2013 Khaly Thioune and Ismailah Thiam have participated in every one of the Bimbache OpenART festivals for a variety of events during the project. Together with the musical director and outstanding guitarist Torsten de Winkel they have developed a close relationship which rings true to the motto of the Bimbache openART project; Multiculturalism, fusion and integration. After several years of living together, they decided to work on a project which goes by the name LOS TRES GRANDES. 
We present you with the opportunity to celebrate life, art and culture through a line up of concerts, workshops and gatherings with the locals of the islands El Hierro, La Gomera and Tenerife.




The Association Bimbache P.O.C.S. was established in December 2007 on the island of El Hierro with two main objectives: One, to foster general cultural activities on the island of El Hierro and the other was to provide a musical platform for a range of musical activities with a special emphasis on Jazz. 

Now for over ten years, every summer, the organisation has put on a unique festival which marks a milestone of cultural development in the island of El Hierro.

Little by little the project has been growing into other areas beyond that of simply music. Through its activities and workshops, it now promotes the cultivation of creativity, the arts, coexistence and co-living, and access to culture and tradition, always with a focus on positive global development and social sustainability. 

Beyond organising the festival the association has made it its mission to bring Canarian Artists and culture to the wider world, especially to Europe and the United States by way of international tours alongside other promotional endeavours.





The event and activities are suitable for everyone.

The objective of the event is to encourage the creation of an inclusive culture. In that effort, the event is disability friendly and the programme seeks to provide activities and shared spaces to foster relationships between peoples and to normalise the differently-abled. 

Likewise, the participating islands benefit from these activities created and hosted in a unique environment, where locals, tourists and creators unite to enjoy culture. In this way, the project assists in providing rural areas access to art and culture who would otherwise potentially be at risk of social exclusion due to their isolation.

In the spirit of making art and culturally accessible to everyone, all the activities are free.




  • To provide access to art and culture in the islands of El Hierro, La Gomera and Tenerife as well as to create networks between professional artists, students, amateur musicians, associations and groups of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • To promote coexistence, creation, creativity and community learning.
  • To deepen our collective awareness of diverse cultures, using African culture as a reference point.
  • To utilise a wide range of art forms such as dance, percussion, music and handicrafts to develop cross-cultural dialogue and expression. 
  • To create shared spaces for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.